Friday, August 19, 2011

My Hero

@farmstros beat me to the punch on this, but I've got a little different take. Here are the Astros minor league system save leaders for the entire season through 8/18.

18 - Kirk Clark (LAN)
13 - Jorge De Leon (LEX)
8 - Ryan Cole (TCV)
7 - Blake Ford (GCL)

Keep in mind that Cole and Ford are playing short season ball and have had far fewer opportunities.

Since doesn't post save opportunities or blown saves as a stat, I had to go into individual boxscores to determine the save rate. I think these are all correct but I won't guarantee it.

80% - Ryan Cole (TCV)
78.3% - Kirk Clark (LAN)
76.5% - Jorge De Leon (LEX)
70% - Blake Ford (GCL)

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  1. Ryan's got a chance to do very well. He throws a ton of strikes, and induces a lot of ground balls.

    He depends on a two-seamer with a lot of movement to offset his four-seamer, and if it doesn't have any bite, it just hangs over the middle of the plate.

    He throws both fastballs around 91-93, so when the two-seamer is flat, it's very hitable.