Friday, January 6, 2012

Don't Make Me Turn this Blog Around

First of all, I would like to thank those readers who have been with me for a while and have enjoyed the journey we've undertaken together as we learn more about the players who make up the Astros farm system.  From the interactions I've had with Terri, John, Steve, Bryan and some of my other readers, I think they have enjoyed the process of hand-picking our own little 25-man roster of prospects to follow over the 2012 season.

With that said, it appears that someone is "stuffing the ballot box" this week in order to make light of our little exercise.  What this individual or these individuals don't seem to realize is that my blog is not a democracy ... it is a benevolent dictatorship.  I can make the rules, suspend the rules, or change them at my whim.

Up until this point, I have only voted twice in my own polls for the WTH Roster.  In both of those instances, I gave players who had zero votes a last minute vote because I thought they deserved it.  I have purposefully withheld my vote in case I needed to break a tie.  These choices have been my readers' choices.  Until this week.

This week someone is repeatedly voting for a player with a .148 batting average, a .197 slugging percentage and ZERO home runs for our third base starter, traditionally a power position.  I am sure this individual is a wonderful young man and has a great deal of talent, but until I see more positive results, he will NOT be appearing on the WTH Roster.  If he's good in 2012, we'll talk again next year.  If he wins this year, I will veto the choice.

So I am asking whoever is doing this to please stop so we can get back to enjoying this look at the best players by position.  Don't make me turn this blog around.

For those interested in participating in the poll, here are the details on this week's choices.


  1. First of all as a fan of the Houston Astros, I love all the choices for third baseman, and my vote did not go to the individual who is getting all the votes. with that being said, if this blog is a "dictatorship" then why even have a poll to vote? i mean in the end you have the final say anyways, so whats it matter if someone gets tons of votes cus in the end you can just "veto" the winner. I have followed this blog for a long time but I will no longer, not after that comment. You put the poll up, regardless of the results, its a poll where voters have free choice. At 19-22 years old, I'm sure these young adults all have friends and social media, so if the word gets out that you can vote for someone, others are sure to follow.

    Astros Fan

  2. I'm sorry you feel that way, but the whole idea of the WTH Roster is to find the stars of the future. I haven't necessarily agreed with all of the previous choices but I let them stand because there was a valid reason for those choices. If this becomes nothing but a popularity contest, it defeats the purpose. I'm sorry that my comment offended you and I hope you will continue to read.