Friday, February 10, 2012

2012 Consensus Prospect Rankings

I took the most recent prospect lists from John Sickels, Jonathan Mayo and Kevin Goldstein, added in the top 30 from Baseball America's Prospect Handbook, averaged the rankings if the prospect appeared on at least 3 of the 4 lists and came up with a consensus ranking of the Astros top prospects.

1.      Jonathan Singleton
2.      Jarred Cosart
3.      George Springer
4.      Jonathan Villar
5.      Brett Oberholtzer
6.      Paul Clemens
7.      Domingo Santana
8.      Mike Foltynewicz
9.      Delino DeShields Jr.
10.    Telvin Nash
T11. Adrian Houser
T11. Nick Tropeano
13.   Austin Wates
14.   Jake Buchanan
15.   Ariel Ovando
16.   Juan Abreu
17.   Tanner Bushue
18.   Jio Mier
19.   Chris Wallace

The top 10 on the list were on all 4 lists, as were Austin Wates, Ariel Ovando and Juan Abreu.

Others who appeared on 2 of the 4 lists in order of average ranking:
Kyle Weiland
J.B. Shuck
Ross Seaton
Jack Armstrong
Mike Kvasnicka
Vincent Velasquez


  1. Did you count Weiland's ranking in BA Prospect Handbook with the Red Sox? I didn't realize he was in there until last night.

  2. No I didn't. Since he's being ranked in relation to Boston prospects vs. Houston prospects, it's not an apples-to-apples comparison. If I did put his Red Sox ranking in, he would be tied with Ovando at 15.

  3. Just curious. I just started looking at teams other than the Astros yesterday. Got to Boston and there was Weiland. Obviously, the trade happened after press time. They also project Melancon as the Astros closer in 2015.