Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Confirmation on Today's Minor League Cuts

I just received confirmation from the Astros organization on today's minor league cuts.  They are as follows:

LHP Adam Champion
RHP Robert Donovan
LHP David Duncan
OF Jon Gaston
RHP Justin Gill
RHP Kyle Greenwalt
C Jacob Meskin
RHP Matison Smith
OF Devon Torrence (I didn't even know he was still in the system)
RHP Brandt Walker


  1. Gaston has been a fan favorite at AA...he didn't have the best season last year, marred by injury from a terrible collision with a concrete wall and than a "personal" leave of absence. Sad to see him go, but wishing him well.
    "Greenie" was my son's favorite because he shared sunflower seeds with him from the bullpen at a Tulsa game last summer. He also worked with the kids at Hooks Baseball Academy (day camp).
    Wishing these guys well as one chapter ends and a new one begins.

  2. Matison Smith was a shock. Thought he was on his way up the ranks. Blake Ford is looking good so far. Hoping he makes it to Kentucky or NY.