Thursday, July 19, 2012

A Hypothetical Question

Let's look at Player A and Player B and let's decide together which of these players deserves a hypothectical callup by the Astros. I say hypothetical because the 40-man roster is full and unless and until some room is cleared, no one is going anywhere. These players don't play the same position, but each of the positions they play are in need of improvement offensively.

*Minor league stats only

So, how many of you picked Player B? Good. I see quite a few hands raised out there. That's shows you're paying attention. If you still picked Player A, please look at all the stats again. If you still pick Player A, then I have to assume that all you care about is home runs and nothing else.

If you hadn't already figured this out, Player A is Mike Hessman and Player B is Brandon Barnes. But Mike Hessman has major league experience, you may say. Yes he does. In 109 games in the majors, he hit .188/.272/.422 with a 31.6% strikeout rate. Next argument? But, Jayne, you used Barnes' combined numbers between AA and AAA, instead of just his AAA numbers. Yes, I did. But Barnes actually has a higher BA and OBP at AAA than he did at AA. His SLG% is lower, but is still a very healthy .524. Any other questions?

As far as defense, Barnes has a lifetime .978 fielding percentage and is actually .985 in Oklahoma City this season. You can't use defense as an excuse.

Mike Hessman is hitting .146 with ZERO home runs in his last 10 games. If the Twitter General Managers out there had their way, the Astros could have had that kind of production since the All-Star break, and they would have had the extra benefit of potentially losing a younger out-of-options player that could have helped us in the future so that a 32-year journeyman could get a few at bats. That is not how you rebuild a team.

A little unsolicited advice. Quit stressing over Brett Wallace. He's already on the 40-man roster and unless he is traded, he will be in Houston sooner rather than later. And instead of a #HessmanToHouston campaign on twitter, how about a #FreeBrandonBarnes campaign. That I can get behind.


  1. #FreetheWalrus

  2. Trying to get #promotebarnes trending on Astros twitter lol