Sunday, July 22, 2012

Happy Birthday - 7/22

RHP Angel Heredia (20)
I know virtually nothing about Heredia other than that he was born in the Dominican Republic, he played shortstop in the Pirates organization in 2009 when he was 16, he was picked up at some point during the off-season by the Astros and converted to a pitcher and he got popped for PEDs and is currently on the restricted list. He should be eligible to come off the restricted list for the DSL Astros in 10 more games.

One former Astro with a birthday today ~

1B/C Cliff Johnson (65)
Drafted by Houston in the fifth round in 1966, Johnson did not make his major league debut until six years later. He played in 376 games for Houston from September 1972 until his trade to the Yankees in June of 1977, hitting .256/.370/.471. As a player without a fixed position, Johnson was often used as a pinch hitter until moving to the American League where he was often used as a DH with modest success.

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