Friday, July 27, 2012

It's Always Darkest Before the Dawn

I tweeted this earlier and, based by the number of retweets, it appears that this was a popular statement. So if you missed the earlier tweet or if you are a twitterphobe, here it is ~

Going in to today's games, the Astros minor league system had a cumulative .546 win percentage which would rank the Astros farm system at the very tippy-top of the heap in win percentage out of all 30 organizations. One thing that may make that sound even better for you? Last season, the Astros ranked dead last - 30th out of all 30 organizations in minor league win percentage. That is all.


  1. Hi Jayne, love the blog!

    Where did you find the rankings? Did you calculate them yourself?

  2. If you go to Baseball-Reference, you can see a cumulative minor league page for each franchise like this one for the Astros.