Sunday, August 19, 2012

Thanks, Millsy

            On October 27th, 2009 Brad Mills was named the manager of the Astros by, then owner, Drayton McLane.  Mills was here for 445 regular season games since that day (minus a few suspensions) and the Astros changed a lot during his term as Skip’, to say the least.  The period saw the departure of hometown players like Michael Bourn & Lance Berkman and the addition of new faces like Jose Altuve & Jed Lowrie.  It also saw the ownership change, announcement of the league switch for the 2013 season—a trying time for any organization— and the Astros' 50th anniversary. Through it all, Mills was here, with his trademark positive attitude.  Even the 2012 Baseball Prospectus commented on Mills’ demeanor, saying he has, “…the ability to see the glass as half full when it’s ¾ empty,” followed by he is, “[a]lways expecting the best….”
            I don’t think anyone was surprised by the announcement late last night that Mills’ time as manager of the Houston Astros was up, but just the same it’s always a little hard to say goodbye.  Mills led the team through an extremely rough stretch in their 50-year-long history and by all accounts he did it with pride and all of his ability.  Of course he could have had more wins, maybe even should have played some position players over others, but these are things that can be said about any manager. 
            The point is, Mills is now part of the Houston Astros’s past and deserves a farewell that thanks him for his service.  His tenure may not ever be considered as one of the brightest stretches along the team's timeline, but sometimes all that matters is that a guy was with you when things were tough.  Mills was one of those guys for Houston.  So goodbye, Brad Mills and thanks for the memories.   

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