Monday, November 12, 2012

Looking at the Astros Draft Classes - 2008

I'm going to take a look at the Astros draft classes by year from 2008 to 2012 this week to see how they stand. First of all, a note on the prior year draft classes -- as of the end of the 2012 season, there were only four players remaining in the system who were drafted prior to 2008. Brian Bogusevic (first round) and Brandon Barnes (sixth round) were drafted in 2005, and Sergio Perez (second round) and Bud Norris (sixth round) were drafted in 2006. Currently Bogusevic and Perez are free agents.

In the recent round of roster cuts, two pitchers from the 2008 draft class were released -- Brad Dydalewicz (eighth round) and Nate Pettus (27th round). In addition, J.B. Shuck (sixth round) asked for and was given his release (according to Baseball America). During the season, Jay Austin (second round), T.J. Steele (fourth round) and Chris Hicks (14th round) were released. Of 32 players from the draft, eight remain in the system. Of those eight, two have made their major league debuts. (Shuck also made it to the big leagues for 37 games in 2011.)

The following are the player stats for 2012 as sorted by draft round. "Club" indicates the club where the player finished the season (except I did include Lyles minor league stats as well since he spent significant time there). "Age" is the player's age as of today. And "Pos." is the position (or positions) most played in the 2012 season.

I just noticed that Zachary Grimmett is misspelled, but I'm too lazy to fix the chart and re-embed it. Oops!

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