Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Looking at the Astros Draft Classes - 2009

I'm going to take a look at the Astros draft classes by year from 2008 to 2012 this week to see how they stand. Here is 2008. Now for 2009. The numbers are not exactly auspicious for pitchers. Of 17 pitchers drafted in 2009, only three remain in the system whereas 10 of 19 position players drafted in 2009 are still in the system.

In the recent round of roster cuts, only one player was released -- Garen Wright (29th round), an outfielder whose medical issues kept him from playing in 2012. Of a total of 36 players drafted, thirteen remain in the system. Of those thirteen, two have made their major league debuts -- Dallas Keuchel (7th round) and J.D. Martinez (20th round).

The following are the player stats for 2012 as sorted by draft round. "Club" indicates the club where the player finished the season (except I included minor league stats for Keuchel and Martinez as well). "Age" is the player's age as of today. And "Pos." is the position (or positions) most played in the 2012 season.

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  1. Only two players from the top 10 rounds are not in the system any longer. Not bad retention for three years out. 9 out of top 11 players drafted.