Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Two Astros Minor League Player Retirements

I learned that two of the Astros minor league players retired from the game during the off-season, LHP Scott Zuloaga and SS Alex Todd. Zuloaga was one of very few lefty bullpen arms available in the lower minors and he made the rounds between Lexington, Greeneville and Tri-City in 2012. Todd started the season in Lexington, but spent the bulk of the summer at Lancaster. Both players got to the finals for their teams with Zuloaga's Tri-City team falling just short. Todd went out on top, though, as part of the Cali League Championship JetHawks.

Alex Todd - Lancaster August 2012
Photo by Jayne Hansen

I never had the opportunity to meet Zuloaga, but I got the chance to get to know Alex Todd a little bit when I was at Lancaster last summer. I talked to him the day after a particularly good game and it was a pleasure. I wish both players the best of luck as they find out what comes after baseball.


  1. Former Corpus Christi Hook, Drew Locke also retired. He was a free agent at the end of the season.

  2. Yeah, I had that one a while back. I just found out about these two. Thanks!