Saturday, March 23, 2013

Spring Training Update

The story of the day was solid pitching (minus a little hiccup from Jose Veras who allowed both Cardinal runs in two-thirds of an inning) as the Astros only mustered six hits for the day. Two of the hits were from Jose Altuve, who also walked once, and two were from Chris Carter. Rick Ankiel drove Tyler Greene in with a sac fly to give the Astros the go-ahead run in the bottom of the eighth.

Bud Norris stretched it out to six scoreless innings, allowing three hits and three walks with four strikeouts and was followed by Veras who was charged with a blown save. Xavier Cedeno, Jose Valdez and Chia-Jen Lo combined for two and a third innings of one-hit scoreless relief, giving the Astros the chance to win it late.

The other story of the day was the Astros front office ... again. Larry Dierker severed ties with the Astros due to his increasing dissatisfaction with his role as a part of the organization. In the linked article from David Barron of the Houston Chronicle, Dierker characterizes the Astros regime under Jim Crane and George Postolos as being "cold, calculating and humorless."

Disagreements happen and Dierker's accusation is harsh, but I think that Postolos' response to the Houston Astros icon whose number hangs in the upper reaches of Minute Maid Park was unfortunate:
"Larry was complimentary of the direction of the franchise until he didn't get the job he wanted. His remarks today are sour grapes. We regret his bitterness but still wish him well."
As a matter of fact, I find that response to be somewhat cold, calculating and humorless.

Spring Training Record: 11-13-2

Spring Training Game 26 Results: Astros 3, Cardinals 2

Spring Training Game 27:
Astros at Braves (SS) at 12:05 CST (Radio only)

Spring Training Game 1 Results: Astros 8, Phillies 3
Spring Training Game 2 Results: Astros 7, Mets 7
Spring Training Game 3 Results: Cardinals 10, Astros 2
Spring Training Game 4 Results: Rays 7, Astros (SS) 2 in six innings
Spring Training Game 5 Results: Astros (SS) 9, Detroit 4
Spring Training Game 6 Results: Astros 10, Blue Jays 1
Spring Training Game 7 Results: Astros 7, Yankees 6
Spring Training Game 8 Results: Astros 8, Cardinals 8
Spring Training Game 9 Results: Astros 6, Braves 5
Spring Training Game 10 Results: Pirates 8, Astros 6
Spring Training Game 11 Results: Tigers 8, Astros 5
Spring Training Game 12 Results: Nationals 7, Astros 1
Spring Training Game 13 Results: Astros 4, Nationals 2
Spring Training Game 14 Results: Braves 14, Astros 9
Spring Training Game 15 Results: Mets 9, Astros 6
Spring Training Game 16 Results: Phillies 7, Astros 1
Spring Training Game 17 Results: Astros 9, Marlins 4
Spring Training Game 18 Results: Nationals 9, Astros 7
Spring Training Game 19 Results: Nationals 6, Astros 3
Spring Training Game 20 Results: Pirates 3, Astros 2
Spring Training Game 21 Results: Astros 4, Nationals 2
Spring Training Game 22 Results: Astros 11, Blue Jays 2
Spring Training Game 23 Results: Blue Jays 10, Astros 6
Spring Training Game 24 Results: Mets 7, Astros 5
Spring Training Game 25 Results: Astros 7, Tigers 2


  1. I did not think they could do anything to lose me, as I applaud the strategy of the rebuild, but what a stupid move, just about kills my enthusiasm for opening day. Dierk is one of a kind, brilliant analyst better than all the other announcers combined

  2. Dierker sounded like a diva. Their priority should not be to keep him happy with all the work needed to turn the team around. They have more important things to worry about then to give him everything he asks for.. keep the focus on the field. Postolos and Crane know what they're doing.

    1. I agree that Dierker did himself no favors. But I don't think that excuses the response from Postolos. He should have taken the high road. But that's just my opinion.

  3. For me the key question is "What job did Dierk want?"

    It's one thing to refuse a diva a job for which he's not qualified. It's another to piss away goodwill and talent offered by a Houston icon because you're too arrogant about the correctness of your opinions and your sycophants.