Thursday, May 30, 2013

An Interview with Astros RHP Mike Foltynewicz

I talked to Mike Foltynewicz on Saturday, May 25th, the day after he threw five no-hit innings in his start at Corpus Christi. We talked about how the tandem pitching routine is going, his tandem partner David Martinez and the fantastic defense on the Corpus Christi team among other things. He also answers the ultimate question, In-n-Out or Whataburger?

I also spoke with Manager Keith Bodie and Pitching Coach Gary Ruby about Folty. Bodie said, "Folty's Folty. He's a franchise pitcher. He's a Verlander. That's his potential. His ceiling is limitless. If he stays helathy, he's got a chance to be a definite #1 starter in the big leagues and a perennial All-Star."

Ruby said of Foltynewicz, "Obviously he's gifted. His ceiling is so high. He's got good breaking stuff. He's working hard on his changeup. Once he gets his command a little bit better, he's going to be something." I also asked Ruby what Folty needs to work on to get to the next level as a pitcher, "I think the biggest thing for him is to just master the off-speed because big league hitters are going to catch up sooner or later. He's working hard on his changeup which I like very much, but his breaking balls, if he has command of those, they pretty much don't have a chance."

Mike is an exciting pitcher to watch. It's also fun to watch for this when he pitches. And I saw this several times.

I plan to continue to talk to Mike from time to time throughout the season. For our conversations from earlier this year, you can go here.

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