Tuesday, May 14, 2013

WTHB Going Dark for Charity

UPDATED: I've been traveling today, but Andy at the Houston Sports Counterplot and James at Astros County have weighed in post-official Astros response. They have made their points better than I ever could.

In solidarity with an idea from The Crawfishboxes, WTHB is taking a one-day hiatus. If you are not aware, the Astros Wives Organization has disbanded and will no longer be holding the Wives Gala this summer to raise money for the Houston Area Women's Center, a charitable organization devoted to helping the victims of domestic and sexual violence.

No matter what the reasons for disbanding the Astros Wives Organization, the Astros have been associated with this charity for a number of years and I find it very unfortunate that they no longer intend to support it as a part of their charitable endeavors. I also find it very unfortunate that this was announced the day after Mother's Day.

So I will be taking one day off from supporting the Astros organization. I ask that you consider helping out by contributing anything you can to the HAWC. The link to donate can be found here. I'll be back on Wednesday.

UPDATED: Timothy de Block at The Crawfishboxes is questioning his Astros fandom over this, and James at Astros County is embarrassed not by the thought of 110 losses but by this (in)action by the Astros organization.


  1. Really disappointing. This organization is becoming a disgrace

  2. You guys are such whiney babies. Wah. Grow up, it's sports.

    1. It takes a lot of courage to leave an anonymous comment attacking others in their defense of a charity helping victims of abuse. It reminds me a little bit of the kind of courage it takes to batter a woman in the first place. Congratulations on being my troll of the day.