Sunday, September 8, 2013

Lancaster JetHawks Playoff Game #1

Buca is going to bring you the rest of the recaps on what was another stellar day in the Astros minor league system, but since I was already in Lancaster, I thought I really should recap that game. So here we go.

Lancaster 4 over Inland Empire 1
Brady Rodgers got the start and what a start!!! Rodgers pitched seven and a third innings and allowed one run on four hits while striking out 11 batters. It seemed like more. He was simply in control the entire way and so much fun to watch. The 'Hawks scored first in the bottom of the second inning as M.P. Cokinos doubled (2x4) and then advanced and scored on a pair of ground outs. The 66ers answered with a run in the top of the third, but only managed one more hit the rest of the way. Two additional JetHawks runners came across in the fourth on a ground out and a Tyler Heineman sac fly.

The final run came in the eighth on the craziest play I think I've ever seen. Brandon Meredith (1x2 2RBI) doubled and M.P. Cokinos scored on the play. However, Meredith, Tyler Heineman and many in the crowd (actually, pretty much everyone except the umpiring crew) thought that Meredith had hit a home run. It certainly looked like it off of the bat. So, even though Cokinos scored, Meredith and Heineman (who had been on first) both ended up getting caught in rundowns. Heineman was ultimately called out at the plate and this is what the official scorer had to say about it:

  • Brandon Meredith doubles (1) on a fly ball to center fielder Andy Workman. MP Cokinos scores. Tyler Heineman out at home on the throw, center fielder Andy Workman to second baseman Alex Yarbrough to pitcher Daniel Tillman to shortstop Eric Stamets to catcher Abel Baker. Brandon Meredith to 3rd on the throw.
But there were probably about a dozen throws (or more) all together between the two rundowns happening simultaneously. I was not envying the official scorer in trying to sort that all out.

Anywho, Kenny Long and Travis Ballew finished things off without allowing another 66ers hit, and the good guys won.

Following the game, there were fireworks. The last time I was at The Hangar, the fireworks ended up shooting into the crowd. This time the fireworks caused a couple of small brush fires. Maybe JetHawks management should just rely on the team to provide the fireworks from now on. They seem to do a pretty fair job of it.

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