Monday, March 24, 2014

Astros Spring Training Video from the Back Fields

OK, so I kinda got a little carried away with taking video at Spring Training. It was probably a good thing that I forgot to recharge my battery the last day and couldn't take as much. But since I went crazy anyway, I decided "What the Heck" (Bobby?) and proceeded to upload virtually all of it on my YouTube channel so you can look at any of the videos that interest you.

There were a few that I found particularly interesting. First of all, I was intrigued by Jack Armstrong (who converted from pitcher to first baseman) and was interested to see how he looked in the batter's box. I have a couple BP videos and two from a simulated game. After striking out his first time against RHP David Martinez, he got a single the second time around:

Lefty Luis Cruz gave up a home run to 1B Chase McDonald in a simulated game on Field 5 before settling down into a very dominant performance:

Other pitchers appearing on Field 5 that day included RHP Lance McCullers:

RHP Vincent Velasquez:

and RHP Michael Feliz, among others. There was a lot of talent on display on Field 5 that day! I also have video of Aaron West and Albert Minnis pitching in simulated games on Field 5 the following day (it was definitely the place to be).

I caught (pun intended) Max Stassi, Ryan McCurdy and Roberto Pena (shown here) participating in catching drills:

There are numerous batting practice videos posted (Andrew Aplin, Matt Duffy, Leo Heras, Jason Martin and others), including this one that shows OF Ydarqui Marte get nailed by Cesar Cedeno as he tosses BP:

I also very belatedly uploaded some video I took in Greeneville in August and Lancaster in September which I admittedly kind of forgot about. There is video of hard throwing RHP Jandel Gustave here and here and here. I also caught RHP Austin Chrismon recording strikeouts here and here. There is also video of LHP Jordan Mills here, LHP Kevin Ferguson here, LHP Chris Lee here, RHP Gonzalo Sanudo here and OF Tanner Mathis here. The Lancaster video shows RHP Travis Ballew recording the final out of Game 1 of the playoffs from last season.

Happy Viewing!

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