Saturday, May 31, 2014

A Look at the Dominican Summer League

Today marks the first day of play in the Dominican Summer League. Beginning this year, the Astros will be fielding 2 teams in the DSL.

DSL Astros Blue will be playing in the Santo Domingo North Division with the A's, Indians, Dodgers, Rays, and Royals.

DSL Astros Orange, the new club, will be in the Boca Chica North division with the Angels, Cubs, Marlins, Mets 2, Yankees 2 Phillies, Pirates, and 2 Rangers teams.

Here are the rosters, as listed on I have no idea where most of these guys came from; I (or Jayne) will update when I (or she) find information. The big signings from this past international signing period look to be evenly dispersed between Blue and Orange.


3 Australians are on the roster: C Hayden Timberlake, 2B Connor MacDonald, and RHP Lachlan Madden. Madden signed in February, and he's a product of the same club that also produced Travis Blackley. You can follow him on Twitter @lokkstarrmadden.

RHP Albert Abreu
RHP Dariel Aquino
LHP Luis Arias
RHP Yan de la Cruz
LHP Carlos Hiraldo
RHP Lachlan Madden
RHP Ezequiel Madera
LHP Salvador Montaño
RHP Hansel Paulino
RHP Erasmo Pinales
RHP Gabriel Pirela
RHP Moreno Polanco
RHP Jose Rosario
RHP Abdiel Saldaña
RHP Carlos Sanabria
RHP Josue Uribe

Carlos Canelon
Hayden Timberlake
Oliver Toribio

SS Marcos Almonte
3B Reiny Beltre
SS Wander Franco
2B Connor MacDonald (don't think I've ever seen a 6'5" 2B before)
SS Jonathan Matute
SS Joan Mauricio

Edgar Lorenzo
Felix Lucas
Nestor Tejada


RHP Bryan Abreu
LHP Yhoan Acosta
RHP Joel Belboder
RHP Gerald Benzant
RHP Robert Corniel
RHP Tomas Lopez
RHP Adonis Peña
RHP Carlos Pizzolato
RHP Jose Ramos
RHP Michael Richez
LHP Starlyng Sanchez
LHP Cristopher Santamaria
RHP Starlyn Taveras
RHP Gabriel Valdez
LHP Edwin Villarroel

Ihan Bernal
Gabriel Bracamonte (Javier Bracamonte's son?)

SS Wilson Amador
SS Osvaldo Duarte
SS Frankeny Fernandez
3B Cristopher Luciano

Bryan de la Cruz
Andy Pineda
Vicente Sanchez

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