Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Astros Minor League Roster Moves

A few more roster moves over the last couple of days ...

5/11 - 1B Eric Castro put on the temporary inactive list
5/11 - OF Adron Chambers activated from the DL
5/12 - OF Austin Wates placed back on the DL
5/11 - LHP Tommy Shirley placed on the reserve list (I don't even know what that means)
5/11 - LHP David  Rollins activated from the DL

5/11 - OF Dan Gulbransen activated from the temporary inactive list
5/12 - RHP Vincent Velasquez placed on the 7-day DL retroactive to 5/11


  1. The reserve list is used more extensively in the Mexican League. The Hooks can only have 25 active players on the roster. He can come off it at any time. Putting someone on the DL locks them up for that allotted time.

    1. That makes sense. They usually use the temporary inactive list to manage the roster, but I think the players have to stay on that for 3 days. If the reserve list doesn't have a minimum time associated with it, that would help explain it. But then I wonder why they don't use it more often. Oh well, I may never understand the more arcane rules that govern this stuff. Thanks for your input.