Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Beat the Streak, May 14

The JetHawks only had 4 hits last night, but one of those came off the bat of Rio Ruiz. So, I've got another chance to extend my streak to 3 without the benefit of a +1 once again.

Jayne also got herself back on the board with Rio. However, pacbellpilgrim got an 0-4 night from Carlos Correa.

Unfortunately, Daniel Nelson couldn't tie the season-high streak as Delino DeShields went 0-5 in Corpus Christi's regularly scheduled game in San Antonio.

Matt Naber didn't pick yesterday, but he's going with Carlos Correa. He's the new king of the mountain at the moment.

Couple of day games today. I'll be going with Delino DeShields.

Today's Games

OKC is off.
Corpus Christi @ San Antonio, 11:05 A.M.
Lancaster vs. Bakersfield, 1:00
Quad Cities @ Wisconsin, 6:35

Current Active Streaks

Matt Naber- 5

Me- 2


Streak to Beat

Rip Noblin, 8


  1. Going to double down with Kemp and Moon.

  2. I'll go with Preston "Bam Bam" Tucker today please.

  3. Correa and Ruiz


  4. I'll take Tyler White.