Monday, May 19, 2014

Beat the Streak, May 19

Rio Ruiz went 1-5 with a double and a run scored as my streak was extended to 2.

Jayne got back on the board with Danry Vásquez. So did Baseball Mom, who went with Carlos Perdomo. Daniel Nelson got a hit from Rio, but a day off from Tony Kemp. pacbellpilgrim's modest 4-game streak came to an end as Carlos Correa went 0-5.

Today, I got the feeling that Jon Singleton will snap out of the funk he's been in lately. I'll go with Brett Phillips, as well.

Today's Games

OKC @ New Orleans, 7:00
Corpus Christi vs. Midland, 7:10
Lancaster @ Rancho Cucamonga, 9:05
Quad Cities vs. Burlington, 7:00

Current Active Streaks

Me- 2

Jayne and Baseball Mom- tied at 1

Streak to Beat

Rip Noblin, 8


  1. I will take Quad Cities Players for $100, Alex.

    He has the highest OBP for the Quad Cities team.

    Who is Conrad Gregor?

  2. Singleton and Torreyes


  3. I'm back with Brett Phillips today

  4. A double down of DeShields and Kemp.