Friday, May 23, 2014

Beat the Streak, May 23

Well, I got half of a double down last night with James Ramsay. The other half... not so much. Domingo Santana went 0-5 with a couple of strikeouts for OKC.

Jayne got herself off the canvas with a single from Jon Singleton and a solo homer from Tony Kemp. Rip Noblin can probably breathe a sigh of relief as he's finally back on the board after what seemed to be a deep, deep slump. He got a homer from the birthday boy, Rio Ruiz, and Kiké Hernandez extended his hitting streak to 9 games. Matt Naber got himself a new streak thanks to Rio's and Kemp's solo blasts.

Picking Quad Cities players turned out to be a great decision last night, as they all had at least 1 hit. Baseball Mom had Conrad Gregor, while pacbellpilgrim also went with Gregor to go along with his double down pick of Carlos Correa.

Daniel Nelson continues to set the pace as he got a hit apiece from Singleton and Correa.

Today, I'm going to be my usual hard-headed self. I'm sticking with Domingo. And to go along with him, I'll also choose Matt Duffy.

Today's Games

OKC @ Memphis, 7:05
Corpus Christi @ Arkansas, 7:10
Lancaster vs. Inland Empire, 8:30
Quad Cities vs. Cedar Rapids, 7:00

Current Active Streaks

Daniel Nelson- 6

pacbellpilgrim- 4

Jayne, Baseball Mom, Rip Noblin, Matt Naber- tied at 2

Streak to Beat

Rip Noblin, 8


  1. I'll try this double down~~Gregor & Phillips

  2. I get extra points for doubling down two home runs, right? Brian Hoberton today.

  3. 5/23 - Jack Mayfield, 5/24 Delino Deshields, 5/25 Carols Perdomo, 5/26 Tony Kemp

  4. Aplin