Monday, June 2, 2014

Beat the Streak, June 2

It was a well-deserved weekend off for me. I'm still recovering from being on my feet for 8 hours yesterday at Free Press Summer Fest down at Eleanor Tinsley Park.

On Saturday, Jayne extended her streak to 3 with a hit from Kiké Hernandez. Matt Naber and Daniel Nelson (with half of a double down) saw their streaks end, while Baseball Mom stood pat because Brett Phillips had the day off. Rip Noblin took the lead as he got 2 hits apiece from the Vanderbilt duo of Conrad Gregor and Tony Kemp.

It was tough sledding on Sunday, as no team scored more than 3 runs (Quad Cities' game was suspended as they were up 3-2). It was particularly tough if you chose someone from the upper minors, as OKC (1) and Corpus (4) were held in check. Well, Jayne had no problems as she chose Andrew Aplin. Rip Noblin's streak was extended to 5 with a Brett Phillips single. Matt Naber was stuck at the start as Kemp was 0-4 and Sclafani didn't play, presumably because he's on his way to OKC. Mr. Nelson drew blanks with Tony Kemp and Delino DeShields. And, Baseball Mom's modest 3-game streak came to an end as Gregor finished 0-3.

Today, my pick is Ronald Torreyes.

Today's Games

OKC vs. Memphis, 7:05
Corpus Christi @ Midland, 6:30
Lancaster vs. Rancho Cucamonga, 8:30
Quad Cities @ Wisconsin, resumption of suspended game at 12:05, regularly scheduled game to follow

Current Active Streaks

Rip Noblin- 5

Jayne- 4

Streak to Beat

Rip Noblin, 8


  1. No Quad Cities game today, so I'll try E. Hernandez from the Hooks.

    1. There is a Quad Cities game today- it'll start right after the suspended game is completed and will go 7 innings.

  2. I'm feeling it for Danry Vasquez today.

  3. Will be a double down on Lancaster....Correa and Ruiz.

  4. Please forgive hooks off today .... Correa/ teoscar Hernandez. Sorry for blunder

  5. Dustin, my son sent me a pic of the field and I felt certain they'd never play today...but they somehow pulled it off!!