Thursday, November 13, 2014

Astros Arizona Fall League Game 31 Eyewitness Report

This will be the last of Wallee Wright's missives for the time being, but I hope he will re-join us for next year's AFL season. I, for one, have truly enjoyed his unique voice and great humor.

Thank you, kind sir!


Mark Appel was not dominant, but he was formidable for five innings last night, leaving the game with a 4-1 lead … Appel gave up three hits, one an absolute no-doubter bomb to right center field by Dodger farmhand Scott Schebler, struck out four, walked one, and bruised another. He appeared to have no problems from the stretch, though he had blessedly few opportunities to pitch from the stretch … apart from coming out a little cold in the second, Mark was very quick and efficient, throwing sixty-four pitches, forty-five for strikes.

Rio Ruiz was the only other Astros starter last night, going one-for-four with a double, RBI, and whiff on offense … but defensively Rio got caught on a short hop in the top of the ninth and his error allowed the tying run to reach behind Tyson Perez. A single and a base clearing triple hung the 5-4 loss on Tyson, though neither run was earned … and with that my tour of duty as your intrepid reporter on all things AFL came to a close.

I want to thank Jayne for the opportunity to write a little, and Dustin for his patience with my horning in on his turf … I hope everyone appreciates just how much Jayne and Dustin put into this gig of theirs, and how much poorer we would be without their efforts – can you imagine having to get information out of the front office, or worse yet, the Chronicle?

~ Wallee Wright ~

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