Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Astros Playing Winter Ball in Panama

Several Astros plied their wares in Panama over the winter. Here is how they fared in regular season play:


1B/OF Telvin Nash
.296/.444/.620 in 21 games
5 doubles and 6 home runs

3B Tyler White
.267/.433/.373 in 25 games
4 doubles and 2 triples

SS Jack Mayfield
.225/.293/.348 in 24 games
3 doubles, 1 triple and 2 home runs

LHP Blaine Sims
5.40 ERA and 1.542 WHIP in 3 games
6BB:8SO in 11.2IP


2B Rodrigo Ayarza
.218/.348/.345 in 22 games
4 doubles and 1 home run

LHP Chris Santamaria
3.18 ERA and 1.103 WHIP in 9 games
11BB:7SO in 22.2IP

RHP Juan Delis
3.24 ERA and 1.680 WHIP in 8 games
8BB:6SO in 8.1IP

RHP Jose Montero
2.25 ERA and 1.375 WHIP in 8 games
6BB:17SO in 16IP


RHP Agapito Barrios
0.00 ERA and 2.143 WHIP in 2 games
4BB:2SO in 2.1IP


RHP Harold Arauz
2.28 ERA and 0.972 WHIP in 5 games
8BB:14SO in 23.2IP

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