Saturday, March 14, 2015

Reason #3 to Buy My Book: Portable and Searchable

Reason #3 in the Top 10 Reasons to buy the 2015 Houston Farm System Handbook: Portable and Searchable

Since the handbook is an e-book, you can take it with you virtually anywhere if you have a tablet, smart phone or laptop. Suppose you're sitting in the stands at a minor league game and you're curious about who exactly this Troy Scribner guy is. You can do a search of the book on your phone and find all of the following information about him:

RHP Troy Scribner:
Basic biographical information
Basic pitching info (IP, ERA, WHIP, etc.)
BB/9, SO/9, HR/9
SO% + number of strikeouts swinging vs. strikeouts looking
Batting line that he held hitters to in 2014
Information on his pitch repertoire
Twitter handle
Links to an interview and his Baseball-Reference Page

Plus you will find that Scribner was one of the system leaders in SO/9, WHIP, ERA, FIP and that he was in the top 10 in the system in strikeouts despite pitching far fewer innings than most of the other leaders.

Or you're following Jason Schwartz on twitter and you see that Chase McDonald hit another moonshot at The Hangar. Do a search on McDonald and you will find:

1B/DH Chase McDonald
Basic biographical information
Basic hitting stats
BB% and SO%
Splits vs. LHP and RHP
Batting line with RISP
Postseason stats
Twitter handle
Links to a batting practice video and his Baseball-Reference Page

Plus you will see that McDonald was one of the WRC+ leaders in the system in 2014, that he had the fifth highest XBH% for qualified players and that his defensive stats at first base stack up nicely among his peers.

Maybe you're just trying to remember who the Astros got in the Bud Norris trade. Type Norris in the search box and LHP Josh Hader's profile will pop up. In the "Acquisition" section of his profile, you will see that the Astros obtained Hader, OF L.J. Hoes and a competitive balance pick (which was used to draft OF Derek Fisher) in exchange for Norris.

Curious as to how many players in the system were born in Georgia or San Cristobal, Dominican Republic? How many players went to the University of North Carolina or Arizona State? Just enter those items in the search box and you can find out. You can also search for specific information like WHIP leaders, wOBA leaders, highest GO/AO, lowest FIP, etc. and pull up the tables giving you that information for the 2014 season.

The handbook is meant to be a resource for learning more about the players in the system, but it is also intended to be a reference work that can be used throughout the season.

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