Thursday, March 12, 2015

Reason #4 to Buy My Book: Exclusive and Hard to Come By Stats

Reason #4 in the Top 10 Reasons to buy the 2015 Houston Farm System Handbook: Exclusive and Hard to Come By Stats

Although more minor league stats are available than ever before, the actual amount of that information is nowhere close to that available for major league players and is often incomplete or incorrect. Much of the statistical information that was included in the handbook came directly from the actual boxscores for each game and was literally triple-checked for accuracy. Some of the harder to find information included in the handbook includes:

Swinging Strikeouts
Strikeouts Looking
Inherited Runners Scored
Bequeathed Runners Scored
Lowest Stolen Base Percentage Allowed
Most Double Plays induced
Pickoff Leaders
Highest and Lowest GO/AO Ratios
Lowest FIP

Position Players
Walk Percentage
Strikeout Percentage
Extra Base Hit Percentage Leaders
Errors Quantified by Type of Error
Successful Stolen Base Percentages
Outfield Assist Leaders
wOBA Leaders
WRC+ Leaders

Also, all players who played more than a handful of games at a given position were put in a side-by-side fielding comparison at that position with their peers from either short season or full season teams.

Some of this information may be available elsewhere, but you won't find all of it in one place along with the leaderboard information that comes to you in the handbook.

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