Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Reason #5 To Buy My Book: 5-Star Reviews

Reason #5 in the Top 10 Reasons to buy the 2015 Houston Farm System Handbook: 5-Star Reviews

So far I've gotten 5 reviews from verified purchasers and all of them are 5-star reviews! And none of them are from my relatives!

A few excerpts:
I've been following Jayne's blog for years and I have enjoyed every minute. Her knowledge and enthusiasm for the Houston Astros minor league teams is simply unrivaled. Her passion for each of the players flows freely in this quintessential book for any Astros fan. So much information has been compiled about the Astros minor league teams in this book...ballpark information, size of the fields, coaching staff, player information, player reports, even twitter yourself a favor and buy this book. - Nick Cassone -
So excited about this book. The BA Prospect Handbook is great, but it only covers about 30 prospects (and these are all guys any semi-serious fan already knows about). But stats, info, and insight about 257 Astros prospects?! Wow. I think this book is a must have for any true diehard Astros fan. I've just started to dig into this, but already impressed by the stats and insight this book provides. Oh, and did I mention it has photos, videos, and links to even MORE info? For the price of a hot dog and coke at a ball game (maybe less) you can have this awesome resource at your fingertips. - Bradford Thomas Rine -
There is no better source for the Houston Astros Farm System. This is extremely thorough, yet still entertaining. Well done, Jayne Hansen! I hope this is the first of many books from you! - Brittany Burgess -
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