Sunday, March 8, 2015

Reason #8 to Buy My Book: You Can't Tell the Players Without a Program!

Reason #8 in the Top 10 Reasons to buy the 2015 Houston Farm System Handbook: You can't tell the players without a program!

Let's face it. Trying to keep 257 players straight can tax even the most knowledgeable minor league fan. But this handbook will help you instantly identify which player is which!

  • Albert Abreu vs. Bryan Abreu
  • Jamaine Cotton vs. Chris Cotton
  • Eleiser Hernandez vs. Juan Hernandez
  • Erasmo Pinales vs. Joselo Pinales
  • Alfredo Gonzalez vs. Richard Gonzalez
  • Connor MacDonald vs. Chase McDonald
  • Andy Pineda vs. Juan Pineda
  • Dylan James vs. Joshua James
  • David Paulino vs. Hansel Paulino
  • Hector Martinez vs. Jorge Martinez

Impress your friends and fellow Astros minor league fans by being able to immediately and accurately identify them all!

Or you may be wandering the backfields during Spring Training and you see a player who impresses you, but with whom you aren't familiar. Pull up the handbook on your smart phone and instantly identify the player and see how his career has unfolded to date.

Or maybe you attend minor league games regularly and you're wondering who that player is who just got promoted to the team. You will have the information at your fingertips!

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