Thursday, July 23, 2015

Hall of Fame Weekend, Part II

A couple of clarifications to the guide that I posted on Sunday regarding the Hall of Fame experience ...

The forecast still shows a 60% chance of scattered thunderstorms on Sunday (0% chance of rain on Saturday). In the event of rain, the ceremony won't necessarily be moved to the Clark Sports Center (with only invited guests allowed in), but it will be moved if there is lightning in the area. That is understandable because there will be thousands and thousands of people out in an open field with no shelter available. However, if there is just rain with no lightning, the show will go on. So you may want to add a rain poncho or a big garbage bag to your list of items to bring. Umbrellas weren't allowed in the reserved section last year, but you can probably get away with those in the open seating areas.

I saw that shuttles would be leaving from Doubleday Field on the day of the induction. But there will probably be long lines; if you are able to walk to the Clark Sports Center, I would recommend it.

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