Monday, July 13, 2015

Minor League Snapshot: Domestic Short Season Standouts

It's time to take a quick look at the Astros domestic short season teams and see which players have gotten off to a good start in their first few weeks of play ...


Connor Goedert - July 2014
Photo by Jayne Hansen

Batting Average (minimum of 10 games)
.432 in 11 games: 3B Bobby Wernes for Tri-City (30th round 2015)
.429 in 18 games: 1B/DH Connor Goedert for Greeneville (15th round 2014)
.352 in 16 games: OF Drew Ferguson for Tri-City (19th round 2015)
.342 in 19 games: IF/OF Aaron Mizell for Greeneville (32nd round 2015)
.320 in 17 games: DH/1B Dexture McCall for Tri-City (30th round 2014)
.305 in 22 games: OF Johnny Sewald for Tri-City (14th round 2015)

On-Base Percentage
.543: 3B Bobby Wernes
.487: 1B/DH Connor Goedert
.476 in 10 games: OF Vicente Sanchez for GCL (Int'l FA from Dom. Rep. in 2nd season)
.444: OF Drew Ferguson
.414: OF Johnny Sewald

Slugging Percentage
.700: 1B/DH Connor Goedert
.630: OF Drew Ferguson
.533 in 13 games: OF Hector Roa for Tri-City and Greeneville (FA signed 6/12)
.486: 3B Bobby Wernes
.480: DH/1B Dexture McCall

Other Stats of Note
OF Johnny Sewald: 14 stolen bases in 22 games
1B/DH Connor Goedert: 8 doubles and 19 RBI in 18 games

Dean Deetz - July 2014
Photo by Jayne Hansen

ERA (minimum of 9 IP)
0.59 ERA in 15.1 IP (4 games/3 starts): LHP Junior Garcia for Greeneville (Int'l FA from Dom. Rep. signed 10/12)
0.75 ERA in 12 IP (4 games/1 start): RHP Ryan Deemes for Greeneville (36th round 2015)
0.93 ERA in 19.1 IP (4 games/4 starts): RHP David Paulino for Tri-City and Quad Cities after a quick promotion (obtained in 7/13 Jose Veras trade with Detroit)
0.93 ERA in 9.2 IP (7 games): LHP Steve Naemark for Greeneville and Tri-City (40th round 2015)
0.96 ERA in 9.1 IP (5 games): LHP Carlos Hiraldo for GCL (Int'l FA from Dom. Rep. signed 11/13)
1.20 ERA in 15 IP (4 games/2 starts): RHP Moreno Polanco for GCL (Int'l FA from Dom. Rep. in 2nd season)
1.20 ERA in 15 IP (4 games/2starts): RHP Edgardo Sandoval for GCL (Int'l FA from Panama in 2nd season)
1.23 ERA in 22 IP (5 games/4 starts): RHP Dean Deetz for Tri-City (11th round 2014)
1.31 ERA in 20.2 IP (5 games/2 starts): RHP Elieser Hernandez for Tri-City [promoted to Quad Cities yesterday] (Int'l FA from Venezuela signed in 11/11)
1.54 ERA in 11.2 IP (3 games/2 starts): RHP Erasmo Pinales for Greeneville (Int'l FA from Dom. Rep. signed in 2012)
1.69 in 10.2 IP (4 games/1 start): RHP Agapito Barrios for Tri-City (Int'l FA from Panama signed 7/10)
1.80 ERA in 10 IP (4 games/1 start): RHP Chris Murphy (24th round 2015)

0.517 WHIP in 9.2 IP (6 games): RHP Adam Whitt for Tri-City (16th round 2015)
0.700 WHIP: RHP Chris Murphy
0.726 WHIP: RHP Elieser Hernandez
0.750 WHIP: RHP Ryan Deemes
0.857 WHIP in 9.1 IP (6 games): RHP Zac Grotz (28th round 2015)
0.857 WHIP: RHP Erasmo Pinales
0.857 WHIP: LHP Carlos Hiraldo
0.931 WHIP: LHP Steve Naemark
0.933 WHIP: RHP Edgardo Sandoval
0.955 WHIP in 14.2 IP (4 games/2 starts): RHP Diogenes Almengo for GCL
0.983 WHIP: RHP David Paulino
1.043 WHIP: RHP Junior Garcia
1.091 WHIP: RHP Dean Deetz

Other Stats of Note
RHP Elieser Hernandez: 30 strikeouts in 20.2 IP

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