Saturday, December 12, 2015

A Five-for-Two Trade for RHP Ken Giles

I already weighed in earlier this week on the then-rumored 4-for-1 trade for Giles which today turned into a 5-for-2 trade. The Phillies are sending RHP Ken Giles and 17-year old SS Jonathan Arauz to Houston in exchange for RHP Vince Velasquez, RHP Mark Appel, RHP Thomas Eshelman, RHP Harold Arauz and LHP Brett Oberholtzer. OF Derek Fisher was pulled from the rumored deal and Appel and Arauz were substituted.

I've already said that I think it was a steep price to pay and I still feel that way. I like the addition of Giles, but giving away Velasquez gives me heartburn. Beyond that, I don't have the time or energy to post anything further right now. Talk amongst yourselves.

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