Monday, January 25, 2016

Astros Uniform Evolution

At Fanfest on Saturday, Mike Acosta, Astros Historian, Authenticator and all around font of incredible knowledge, revealed a new Astros jersey…but first, he gave us a little glimpse into the evolution of the Astros jersey, traveling through the Houston Buffs,  Colt .45s and even through the questionable brick-red stage.

Acosta’s knowledge of all things Astros and baseball is apparent when you talk to him but even more so when he started telling the story that Gene Elston actually came up with the block H over the orange star that is still in use today.  Proof, remarked emcee Robert Ford, that broadcasters are brilliant!

With this new jersey, Acosta wanted to bring back the days of the Sunday Jersey. 
“The Astros got their first Sunday jerseys in 1982. The owner, John McMullen, said his dad once gave him a Sunday set of clothes and was doing that here. His wife designed the concept. It was based on the road alternate they began wearing in 1980.
Lots of teams have alternates they use not only for Sunday, but practically any day they designate. Alternates came about in a big way during the 1970s with the expansion of color TV and synthetics like polyester. They were able to do more.” Acosta explains.

This new, exciting jersey will be the first time the Astros will wear navy for games and the first to have “Astros” in orange across the chest.
With the rainbow design on the side,  Acosta says the design is looking ahead to the future while incorporating the past.
When the Astros went back to the orange and navy in 2013, they went back to the DNA of the team, he says.  Navy was used by the Houston Buffs and depending on what story you believe, the color orange was introduced either because it was Roy Hofheinz’s favorite color or Paul Richards, former general manager of the Colt .45s brought orange over from Baltimore. 
I’d like to think it was inspired by Mr. Hofheinz’s favorite color, personally.

The new jersey is designated for Sunday home games and will debut during spring training.
“This will be the first time in a long while we wear actual game jerseys for spring training games.”

Giving a nod to the past but reaching for the future, this is baseball!  These are our Astros!

photos by DeAnna Williamson

Thanks to Mike Acosta for the extra information!

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