Monday, August 15, 2016

Astros Farm Report: 8-15

Who has a chance in the playoffs and who doesn't? I'm glad you asked!


I will check in with the teams more frequently as they make their final pushes for playoff berths. Here is where they stand today with only 3+ weeks remaining in the season.

AAA Fresno 2nd 66-55 .545 4.0GB L2

Fresno has failed to make up any ground on Tacoma (Mariners) over the last few days and are still four games behind that team. However, they haven't lost any ground against the third place Reno Aces (D'Backs) who they continue to lead by two and a half games. There are no wild cards and no first half qualifiers in the Pacific Coast League so they will have to take the division outright in order to advance to the playoffs. With 22 games left in the regular season, the Grizzlies have four remaining games against Tacoma in their penultimate series of the season. All of their other remaining games are against sub-.500 teams.

AA Corpus Christi 1st 71-49 .592 0.0GB W1 (Overall)
2nd half: 3rd 24-26 .480 10.0GB W1
(Clinched playoff berth by winning first half)

The Hooks are automatically slated for the playoffs by virtue of winning the first half. The Hooks split their 6-game homestand against the Texas League Arkansas teams and will now face those two teams on the road in their next six games starting Tuesday. Midland (A's) holds a commanding 8-game second half lead over the second place San Antonio (Padres) team and looks likely to be the team that the Hooks will face in the first round of the playoffs. There are 20 games remaining in the season and four of those will be against Midland.

A+ Lancaster 2nd 67-52 .563 4.0GB W2 (Overall)
2nd half: 1st 32-17 .653 0.0GB W2

A 4-2 record over the last six games has helped the JetHawks increase their lead to four games over High Desert (Rangers) and four and a half over Lake Elsinore (Padres) in the second half. They also lead the wild card standings by a half game at this point. That's the good news. The bad news is that Lancaster will be facing High Desert eight times and Lake Elsinore three times over their next 11 games. There are 21 games left in the regular season.

A- Quad Cities 4th 57-61 .483 15.5GB W2 (Overall)
2nd half: 3rd 26-23 .531 8.0GB W2

It is highly unlikely that the River Bandits will catch up with the first place Clinton (Mariners) team in the second half as Clinton is on a 9-1 streak and is leading Quad Cities by eight games. It is still, however, very much possible that the Bandits can win the wild card by coming in second in the second half. Currently they trail second place Cedar Rapids (Twins)  by only two games and have four games left to play against them. But with Burlington and Peoria breathing down their necks, a lot of things have to go right for Quad Cities to make the playoffs. They will face the first place team for four games on the road starting today. There are 21 games left in the regular season.

SSA Tri-City 3rd 30-26 .536 2.0GB L1

The ValleyCats are two games behind Lowell (Red Sox) and one game behind Connecticut (Tigers) in the division. They are in fourth place, two and half games back, in the wild card race. It is a very crowded field and Tri-City needs to start winning at a good pace over their remaining 20 games in order to compete for a playoff spot. They have three games remaining against Lowell and two more against Connecticut.

Rk+ Greeneville 3rd 26-25 .510 3.0GB W1

The Appy League Astros stumbled badly this past week, going 1-5 in their last six games and falling from first place to third place. The good news is that they are only one game out of second place (the first and second place teams in the division advance to the playoffs). With 17 games left in the season, the Astros will not face the first place Johnson City (Cardinals) team again this season, but they will play the final six of the season against second place Elizabethton (Twins).

Rk- GCL 5th 17-26 .395 10.5GB L2

With 13 games left in the regular season, this rookie club has an elimination number of 4 and will likely be officially eliminated from a playoff berth this week.

FRk DSL Blue 2nd 39-18 .692 2.5GB L1

The Astros Blue team is exactly where they were when last we checked; they have a tenuous half game hold on second place and on the wild card. Of their 12 remaining games, they have two against the first place Red Sox 1 team and two against the third place Royals team.

FRk DSL Orange 5th 24-34 .414 16.0GB L3

The Orange team has officially been eliminated from postseason play. They also have 12 games remaining in the season

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