Sunday, March 19, 2017

World Baseball Classic: Checking in on the Astros

There's a break in the action today ahead of the World Baseball Classic semifinals which start tomorrow so it's as good a time as any to check in on the Astros who've been participating ...

Stijn van der Meer - August 2016
Photo by Jayne Hansen

Jose Altuve - Team Venezuela (eliminated in the 2nd round)
6G 23AB 3R 6H 1RBI 2SO .261/.292/.261

Nori Aoki - Team Japan (Semifinal 2 on Tuesday)
5G 20AB 5R 4H 3-2B 2RBI 3SO .200/.360/.350

Carlos Beltran - Team Puerto Rico (Semifinal 1 on Monday)
5G 17AB 4R 8H 1-2B 5RBI 5SO .471/.550/.529

Alex Bregman - Team USA (Semifinal 2 on Tuesday)
2G 4AB 2H 1SO .500/.600/.500

Carlos Correa - Team Puerto Rico (Semifinal 1 on Monday)
5G 14AB 5R 5H 2HR 6RBI 1SO 2SB .357/.524/.786

Stijn van der Meer - Team Netherlands (Semifinal 1 on Monday)
1G 1AB .000/.000/.000 (flew out to LF in only AB)

Dayan Diaz - Team Colombia (eliminated in the 1st round)
0-0 2G 1SV 2.0IP 2H 0BB 4SO 0.00ERA 1.000WHIP

Luke Gregerson - Team USA (Semifinal 2 on Tuesday)
0-0 2G 1SV 2.0IP 1BB 2SO 0.00ERA 0.500WHIP

The semifinals are single elimination. The finals will be on Wednesday. All games are at 8:00 CST.


  1. Someone feed Stijn van der Meer a cheeseburger!

    1. He needs it! He told me that he doesn't hold out a lot of hope of putting on much weight because his whole family is skinny.