Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Preliminary WBC Qualifying Rosters

The third and fourth qualifiers of the World Baseball Classic start tomorrow in Panama City, Panama and New Taipei City, Taiwan. The qualifying rosters have been slow to come out for the eight teams involved which include Brazil, Colombia, Nicaragua and Panama (third qualifier) and New Zealand, Phillipines, Thailand and Chinese Taipei (fourth qualifier). So far, the preliminary rosters show Astros representation on the Nicaraguan and Colombian teams:

Team Nicaragua
Manager Dennis Martinez (Astros new bullpen coach)
Marlon Avea (listed as a coach)
RHP Wilton Lopez - not listed on WBC site roster
OF Mesac Laguna - not listed on WBC site roster

Team Colombia
Eduardo Perez (Astros new bench coach)
RHP Dayan Diaz

Team Brazil
RHP Murilo Gouvea (according to the Astros twitter feed)

I will update if/when I find additional Astros representation on any of the teams.

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