Saturday, November 17, 2012

Stupid Is As Stupid Does

And, if true, this is yet another stupid move on the part of the Astros so-called business side. I thought that being a business person meant building up your business, not tearing your business down and giving your fans "the business."

Jim Deshaies was the only thing keeping most fans watching through the last two abysmal seasons. If the Astros do not re-sign him, it will be a monument to stupidity. It will be the Mount Rushmore of stupidity. Jim Deshaies and Bill Brown are simply a fantastic broadcast team and should be kept at any cost.

Less than two months ago at a season ticket holder function, George Postolos said that the Astros wanted to be a first-class franchise. Why then, would you let a first-class broadcast team walk out the door? I can understand if Bill Brown decides to retire, but Jim Deshaies is obviously not ready to retire or he wouldn't be interviewing elsewhere. So the Astros just need to make the man an offer, a fair offer. And they need to do it now!

Please make your voices heard by filling out this Astros feedback form or you can contact them as follows: 

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(713) 259-8000
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  1. I believe the hiring of the TV broadcast team is an Astros matter- they are Astros employees, not CSN. Unfortunately I don't think sending them snail mail is going to stop this quickly enough. We need to email and call them. I tried calling the 259-8000 phone number, but no one picked up (it is Sunday) and it did not connect to a voice mailbox.

    It would make me so angry if JD was allowed to leave. As much money as they are saving on MLB payroll this year, they could easily afford to make him the highest-paid broadcaster in baseball, if that's what it took. Astros: you need to do this. The fans will not forgive you.