Thursday, May 22, 2014

Astros Minor League Roster Moves/Transactions

In response to a couple of questions that I've gotten recently, I would like to clarify a couple of things about minor league roster moves. The Astros have, by necessity, gotten very creative in managing their minor league rosters. The depth in the system has increased to the point that the team needs to find as many ways as possible to increase roster flexibility.

The temporary inactive list is being used increasingly. According to, this is how the temporary inactive list works:
TEMPORARY INACTIVE LIST- This list is used only during the season for short absences and may be used at the team's discretion for bereavement leave, family events which require a player to be away from his team, or other non-injury related reasonsPlayers placed on the temporary inactive list must remain on the list for a minimum of three consecutive days.  
Most of the Astros minor league moves to the temporary inactive list appear to fall into the "other non-injury related reasons" category. I rarely even report those any more because most of the players will be re-instated in short order.

In Quad Cities, players are sometimes assigned to Extended Spring Training. Although this removes them from the active roster, it is my understanding that the player may not physically be sent to Kissimmee in all instances. For example, Albert Minnis was assigned to Extended Spring Training on 5/19 and then back to Quad Cities on 5/21. I find it doubtful that he actually traveled to Florida and back in that time frame. However, in the case of *Jon Kemmer, he was assigned to EST on 5/1 and then back to Quad Cities on 5/18 so I'm assuming that he did actually go to Florida in the interim. Unfortunately, I have no way of actually knowing the particulars on these moves. Similar to the temporary inactive list moves, I rarely bother to report these EST assignments anymore because so many have been short-lived.

[*Kemmer was definitely in Extended Spring Training for that time period, transitioning from outfield to first base. h/t to Astros County for the link]

I fully expect to see fewer of these types of moves when the short season teams start up next month since there will be more available roster spots in which to place players.

With all of that said, I do have a few roster moves to report:

5/20 - RHP Asher Wojciechowski activated from the DL
5/20 - RHP Alex White to OKC on rehab assignment

5/18 - LHP Colton Cain placed on the 7-day DL
5/18 - RHP Troy Scribner activated from the DL

5/21 - RHP Matt Heidenreich assigned from Corpus Christi to Lancaster

Also, I had missed one player release. OF Wallace Gonzalez, the 29th round draft pick from 2011, was released on 5/15.

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