Thursday, January 15, 2015

Astros Trade with Altanta

The Astros announced on Wednesday (several hours after it first leaked out) that they had completed a trade that will send RHP Mike Foltynewicz, 3B Rio Ruiz and RHP Andrew Thurman to the Braves for C Evan Gattis and RHP James Hoyt.

Those who follow me on twitter probably already know that I'm not wild about this trade. Partly because I agree with Adam Everett ...
... and partly because I'm not convinced that Colin Moran will stick at third base. And third base has been a problem for the Astros for a very long time. I loved Rio Ruiz's high energy and infectious enthusiasm. And I loved that sweet swing of his. I think he will be a star. And you don't let future stars go.

I was also very disturbed that Vince Velasquez's name was associated with this trade at one point. It's bad enough that the Astros are losing Foltynewicz who I think would ultimately become the team closer, they were considering letting a guy go who has the potential of being the staff ace.

Gattis has a great story and the fans in Atlanta love him. I got an email from an Atlanta fan who follows me that said, "Not since the steroid era has a hitter excited a fan base like he has where every BP session is like hearing a canon go off and each AB is a chance to witness sheer power at the plate. Atlanta fans love El Oso Blanco and I’m sure you all will too." But there are health concerns with him that already have him moving to left field or first base or DH because of those issues. Nothing is guaranteed, but I really don't want this trade to go down in history as another Bagwell for Andersen.

With that said, if you haven't already, it is time to acquaint yourself with the Evan Gattis story. I also found this article on Hoyt which makes me like him. Plus I heard this from former Astros farmhand Alex Todd had this to say about him.
I think the worst thing about this whole trade is that it will force me to follow the Braves. And I hate the Braves. But it is now time to say fare-thee-well. You will be missed.


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  2. It was great watching RIO play in Lancaster. Good luck with the Braves!