Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Reason #1 To Buy My Book: Drumroll Please ...

Reason #1 in the Top 10 Reasons to buy the 2015 Houston Farm System Handbook: Drumroll Please ...

The Number One reason to buy the 2015 Houston Farm System Handbook? The sooner you buy the book, the sooner I quit nagging you about it and get back to writing on the blog!

One final note: Aside from all of the 5-star ratings I've received on Amazon, I also received this comment from someone with whom you should be familiar.
And you know that Brownie wouldn't lie!

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Please consider purchasing my new e-book, the 2015 Houston Farm System Handbook. The book can be read immediately on your kindle, and can also be read on virtually any computer, tablet or smart phone by downloading the Free Kindle Reading App from Amazon or from the iTunes store. And if you have an Amazon account, no need to download anything ... just read it on the Kindle Cloud Reader at

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