Friday, June 19, 2015

The 2015 Houston Farm System Handbook - Updated and On Sale!

It's Opening Day for the Tri-City ValleyCats as they hit the road to face the Connecticut Tigers in Norwich, Connecticut. Want to get to know the team a little better? I have just what you need!

The 2015 Houston Farm System Handbook has been updated to include information on dozens of players who have been signed by the Astros since the book was first published in February. In addition, basic information on all 2015 draft picks has been included, even those who haven't signed yet. And, finally, notations on the existing profiles have been made as to those players who have retired or who have been traded or released.

All that information on literally hundreds of players ... how could it get any better?!?! I'll tell you how. The book is now available at a new LOW PRICE of only $6.49. For less than the cost of a super-sized McDonald's meal, you can have a great reference work and it won't clog your arteries!!! For less than the cost of a Minute Maid Park beer, you can learn about players who are or will be playing in the Dominican Summer League, Gulf Coast League, Greeneville and Tri-City (as well as the more established players), and the book will only make you drunk with enthusiasm over the depth of this farm system!

Buy the 2015 Houston Farm System Handbook today and have the information at your fingertips by downloading it to your smart phone, kindle, iPad, tablet, laptop or desktop. The information is fully searchable and portable. Thank you for considering a purchase that will help to support my endeavors to bring you the best Astros minor league coverage available!

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