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2018 Astros Consensus Top 32 Prospect Rankings

All of the major prospect rankings for 2018 are now in (see separate rankings from Baseball Prospectus, MLB Pipeline, Baseball America and FanGraphs below). I have taken all of these rankings and compiled them into this 2018 Astros Consensus Top Prospect list.

Forrest Whitley - August 2017
Photo by Jayne Hansen

The top 25 prospects were on at least three of the four rankings and the bottom seven were on two of the four rankings. The consensus rankings are, more or less, an average of the player's rankings on the list, with the exception of BP's "Next 10" which were all assigned a fixed median number (which was averaged with the other rankings) since they were not given an actual numerical ranking. Now that that's clear as mud, here is the consensus ranking list ...

1. RHP Forrest Whitley (on 4 of 4 ranking lists)
2. OF Kyle Tucker (4/4)
3T. RHP J.B. Bukauskas (4/4)
3T. OF/1B Yordan Alvarez (4/4)
5. SS Freudis Nova (4/4)
6. RHP David Paulino (3/4)
7. RHP Jorge Alcala (3/4)
8T. RHP Hector Perez (4/4)
8T. RHP Rogelio Armenteros (4/4)
10. LHP Cionel Perez (4/4)
11. RHP Corbin Martin (4/4)
12. 3B J.D. Davis (4/4)
13. RHP Jairo Solis (4/4)
15. 3B Joe Perez (3/4)
16. SS Jonathan Arauz (4/4)
17T. C Garrett Stubbs (4/4)
17T. LHP Framber Valdez (3/4)
19. OF Ronnie Dawson (3/4)
20. RHP Dean Deetz (3/4)
21. RHP Riley Ferrell (3/4)
22. OF J.J. Matijevic (4/4)
23. OF Myles Straw (4/4)
24. RHP Cristian Javier (3/4)
25. RHP Jandel Gustave (3/4)
The following players were included on only 2 of the 4 rankings used:
27. OF Carlos Machado (2/4)
31. LHP Brett Adcock (2/4)

Others who were listed on only one of the four rankings: C Max Stassi (FG), C Nathan Perry (BP), OF Drew Ferguson (MLBP), LHP Reymin Guduan (FG), 1B A.J. Reed (BA), RHP Tyler Ivey (FG), RHP Elian Rodriguez (BA), RHP Nick Hernandez (FG), RHP Peter Solomon (FG), RHP Brandon Bielak (FG), IF Josh Rojas (FG), RHP Kyle Serrano (FG), 3B Randy Cesar (FG) and SS Deury Carrasco (FG).

BASEBALL PROSPECTUS - December 5, 2017
1. RHP Forrest Whitley (10th on the BP top 101 overall list)
2. OF Kyle Tucker (20th on the BP top 101 overall list)
3. RHP J.B. Bukauskas
4. OF/1B Yordan Alvarez
5. RHP Rogelio Armenteros
6. IF Jonathan Arauz
7. OF Gilberto Celestino
8. RHP David Paulino
9. 3B Colin Moran - traded to Pittsburgh for Gerrit Cole
10. RHP Corbin Martin

BP's Next 10 (not ranked; in alphabetical order)
3B J.D. Davis
OF Carlos Machado
SS Freudis Nova
LHP Cionel Perez
RHP Hector Perez
C Nathan Perry
LHP Patrick Sandoval
RHP Jairo Solis
OF Myles Straw
C Garrett Stubbs
Plus One
OF J.J. Matijevic

BASEBALL AMERICA - January 18, 2018 + Prospect Handbook released in early February
1. RHP Forrest Whitley (10th on the BA top 100 overall list)
2. OF Kyle Tucker (15th on the BA top 100 overall list)
3. OF/1B Yordan Alvarez (62nd on the BA top 100 overall list)
4. RHP J.B. Bukauskas (76th on the BA top 100 overall list)
5. SS Freudis Nova
6. RHP Jairo Solis
7. RHP Hector Perez
8. RHP Jorge Alcala
(3B Colin Moran was between Alcala and Paulino in Handbook; traded to Pittsburgh)
9. RHP David Paulino
10. 3B J.D. Davis
11. RHP Rogelio Armenteros
12. LHP Cionel Perez
13. LHP Framber Valdez
14. 3B Joe Perez
15. RHP Corbin Martin
16. OF Myles Straw
17. C Garrett Stubbs
(OF Jason Martin was between Stubbs and Celestino in Handbook; traded to Pittsburgh)
18. OF Gilberto Celestino
19. OF Ronnie Dawson
20. RHP Dean Deetz
21. SS Jonathan Arauz
22. 1B A.J. Reed
23. RHP Cristian Javier
24. OF J.J. Matijevic
25. RHP Riley Ferrell
26. RHP Jandel Gustave
27. RHP Elian Rodriguez
28. SS Miguelangel Sierra

Note that the above numbers were adjusted to exclude players who were traded.

MLB PIPELINE - February 23, 2018
1. RHP Forrest Whitley (9th on the MLBP top 100 overall list)
2. OF Kyle Tucker (17th on the MLBP top 100 overall list)
3. RHP J.B. Bukauskas (76th on the MLBP top 100 overall list)
4. OF/1B Yordan Alvarez
5. SS Freudis Nova
6. LHP Cionel Perez
7. RHP Jorge Alcala
8. RHP David Paulino
9. 3B J.D. Davis
10. RHP Corbin Martin
11. RHP Hector Perez
12. RHP Rogelio Armenteros
13. RHP Jairo Solis
14. 3B Joe Perez
15. OF Ronnie Dawson
16. LHP Framber Valdez
17. OF Drew Ferguson
18. RHP Dean Deetz
19. RHP Cristian Javier
20. RHP Riley Ferrell
21. OF Myles Straw
22. SS Jonathan Arauz
23. OF Gilberto Celestino
24. C Garrett Stubbs
25. OF J.J. Matijevic
26. RHP Jandel Gustave
27. C Chuckie Robinson
28. LHP Brett Adcock
29. 3B/C Abraham Toro-Hernandez
30. RHP Brandon Bailey

FANGRAPHS - February 23, 2018
1. RHP Forrest Whitley (8th on the FG top 100 overall list)
2. OF Kyle Tucker (10th on the FG top 100 overall list)
3. OF/1B Yordan Alvarez (44th on the FG top 100 overall list)
4. RHP J.B. Bukauskas
5. RHP Hector Perez
6. LHP Cionel Perez
7. SS Freudis Nova
8. RHP Corbin Martin
9. 3B J.D. Davis
10. OF Gilberto Celestino
11. RHP Rogelio Armenteros
12. RHP Jairo Solis
13. C Max Stassi
14. RHP Jorge Alcala
15. C Garrett Stubbs
16. SS Jonathan Arauz
17. RHP Riley Ferrell
18. RHP Brandon Bailey
19. 3B Joe Perez
20. LHP Reymin Guduan
21. RHP Dean Deetz
22. 3B/C Abraham Toro-Hernandez
23. OF Ronnie Dawson
24. OF J.J. Matijevic
25. LHP Framber Valdez
26. RHP Jandel Gustave
27. RHP Tyler Ivey
Other Prospects of Note, In Order of Preference
28. LHP Patrick Sandoval
29. RHP Cristian Javier
30. OF Carlos Machado
31. C Chuckie Robinson
32. RHP Nick Hernandez
33. RHP Peter Solomon
34. RHP Brandon Bielak
35. LHP Brett Adcock
36. SS Miguelangel Sierra
37. IF Josh Rojas
38. RHP Kyle Serrano
39. OF Myles Straw
40. 3B Randy Cesar
41. SS Deury Carrasco


As a reminder, these were the players who were consensus prospects in 2017. Players had to appear on at least three of the four rankings used and are in order by averaged rankings.

2017 Consensus Top Prospect List

1. RHP Francis Martes - Graduated to MLB
2. OF Kyle Tucker
3. RHP David Paulino - Missed 80 games in 2017 for failed drug test; followed by surgery in October to remove a bone spur from his elbow
4. RHP Franklin Perez - Included in the trade for Justin Verlander
5. RHP Forrest Whitley
6. OF Derek Fisher - Graduated to MLB
7. OF Teoscar Hernandez - Included in the trade for Francisco Liriano
8. OF Ramon Laureano - Traded to A's for Brandon Bailey
9. C Garrett Stubbs
10. OF Daz Cameron - Included in the trade for Justin Verlander
11. SS Miguelangel Sierra
12. 3B J.D. Davis - Has not exceeded rookie limits
13. RHP Jandel Gustave - Missed the majority of the 2017 season after undergoing TJ surgery
14. 3B Colin Moran - Included in the trade for Gerrit Cole

Additionally, these players appeared on two of the four lists and are in order of averaged rankings.

IF Yulieski Gurriel - Graduated to MLB
1B A.J. Reed - Exceeded rookie limits in 2016
OF Gilberto Celestino
SS Anibal Sierra
LHP Cionel Perez
OF Ronnie Dawson
IF Jonathan Arauz
SS Freudis Nova
C Jake Rogers - Included in trade for Justin Verlander
OF Jason Martin - Included in the trade for Gerrit Cole
1B Yordan Alvarez
RHP Brady Rodgers - Had TJ surgery in May 2017
OF Stephen Wrenn
RHP James Hoyt - Graduated to MLB

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