Saturday, June 11, 2016

Astros Draft Picks/Undrafted Free Agents on Social Media

Congratulations to the Houston Astros draft class of 2016! What the Heck, Bobby? would like to wish you nothing but the best in your endeavors as you begin your own personal journeys to Minute Maid Park.

This page contains the Twitter accounts of the 2016 draft class. Accounts for non-drafted free agents will also be included here. In the event that they are not on Twitter, their Instagram accounts (if they have one) will be listed instead. Some of them may not even be on Twitter, either.

Players who remain unsigned (as per Baseball America) as of 7/3/16 are in red. The signing deadline is July 15th.

Round 1: Forrest Whitley, RHP, Alamo Heights High School (San Antonio) - @ForrestWhitley; his account is private.
Round 2: Ronnie Dawson, OF, Ohio State - @ronniedawsonn
Round 3: Jake Rogers, C, Tulane - @_JROG_
Round 4: Brett Adcock, LHP, Michigan - @brett_adcock; his account is private.
Round 5: Abraham Toro-Hernandez, 3B, Seminole State College (Oklahoma) - on Instagram @abtoro13
Round 6: Stephen Wrenn, CF, Georgia - on Instagram @swwrenn; his account is private.
Round 7: Tyler Buffett, RHP, Oklahoma State - @Candyman1111
Round 8: Nick Hernandez, RHP, Houston - @NicholasHer14
Round 9: Ryan Hartman, LHP, Tennessee Wesleyan - @Ryanhartman21
Round 10: Dustin Hunt, RHP, Northeastern - @Dhunt45
Round 11: Chad Donato, RHP, West Virginia - @ChadDonato; has not tweeted since 2012
Round 12: Carmen Benedetti, LHP, Michigan - @Carmatron32
Round 13: Ryne Birk, 2B, Texas A&M - @RynoBirk
Round 14: Carson LaRue, RHP, Cowley Community College (Kansas) @CarsonLaRue1@LaRue_Carsonn
Round 15: Alex Degoti, SS, Barry - @alexdegoti
Round 16: Spencer Johnson, LF, Missouri State - @BigJohnson_34
Round 17: Brian Howard, RHP, Texas Christian
Round 18: Colin McKee, RHP, Mercyhurst - @colin_mckee
Round 19: Taylor Jones, 1B, Gonzaga
Round 20: Louis-Philippe Pelletier, 2B, Seminole State College (Oklahoma) - on Instagram @lp_pelletier24/Twitter @lppelletier
Round 21: Chuckie Robinson, C, Southern Mississippi - @Crob_20
Round 22: Ray Henderson-Lozano, C, Grayson College - @raypanda27
Round 23: Tyler Britton, RHP, High Point - @tbritton_3
Round 24: Troy Sieber, 1B, Saint Leo (Florida) - @TroySieber
Round 25: Kevin Hill, RHP, South Alabama - @kevinhill42
Round 26: Avery Tuck, CF, Steele Canyon High School, Spring Valley, California - @averytuck04
Round 27: Nathan Thompson, LHP, Oklahoma Baptist - @natethomp17
Round 28: Johnny Ruiz, 2B, Miami - @johnnyruiz4
Round 29: Elliott Barzilli, 3B, Texas Christian - @barzilli16
Round 30: Brody Westmoreland, 3B, College of Southern Nevada - @BrodyWest17
Round 31: Howie Brey, LHP, Rutgers - @HowieBrey1
Round 32: Darius Vines, RHP, St. Bonaventure High School, Ventura, California - @dariustorawboy
Round 33: Toby Handley, CF, Stony Brook - @_TobyHandley_
Round 34: Stijn van der Meer, SS, Lamar - @Stijn18vdMeer
Round 35: Nick Slaughter, C, Klein High School (Klein) - @nick_slaughter1
Round 36: Ian Hardman, RHP, Seminole State College (Oklahoma)
Round 37: Anthony DeFrancesco, 3B, Red Mountain High School (Mesa, Arizona)
Round 38: Chaz Pal, OF, South Carolina-Aiken - @chazpal
Round 39: Tyler Wolfe, IF, Kansas State - @twolfie3
Round 40: Lucas Williams, RHP, Central Missouri - @LooWill23

Undrafted Free Agents

Sean Stutzman, LHP, Dallas Baptist - @megastutz28
Reggie Johnson, RHP, Hampden-Sydney College - @ReggieHSC; his account is private.
Devin Raftery, RHP, Nova Southeastern - @RafD_11
Devon Carr, LHP, Florida Atlantic - @Carrpiece; his account is private.

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  1. Keep up the good work Dustin ... your tenacity in following these draftees and FAs is greatly appreciated.